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Once I purchase my product How long will it take to ship?

Once you have purchased the item it will be (in most cases) 15-35 days shipping.

Does Thorstree Technologies ship outside of Canada?

No, Thorstree Technologies ONLY ships to Canada. If you are an American customer Please drop us a line and let us help you from there.

How Much does shipping Cost?

Shipping @ Thorstree Technologies is Always FREE!

Is sales Tax Included in the Price?

No, All sales tax will be calculated @ the final stage of Checkout for your Provence.

How Do i get a tracking number for my purchase?

A tracking number (in most cases) will be provided to you wtihin a couple of days after your purchase. If tracking is not provided or has not been provided to you, please drop us a line at and we will sort it out for you.

How do I return my product?

Please refer to Thorstree Technologies Terms and Conditions as well as Thorstree Technologies Returm Policy.

Can Gift Cards Expire in Canada?

With Exceptions, Gift cards can not have an expiration date, and concumers can not be charged usage, dormancy, or other fees.

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